After Paint Job Completion Gift Set


Dark, sultry, smokey, sweet. Heat, bitter, dusky. Dark rider on a fiery horse. The bitter coffee pounding away at the imminent darkness, the sultry cacao swaying toward you in a luxurious black pepper dress purring flavor fulfillment in your ear as the dark rider raises their sword of flaming cayenne and slashes open the curtain of dreaming to release this deviating spice. This beautiful gift box contains a 70g jar of Spice Science’s Coffee & Cacao Rub. A sultry, deep, and spicy seasoning sure to add the heat your valentine is asking for. Included for your pleasure are a dozen meticulously crafted specialty heart shaped chocolates made with the Coffee & Cacao Rub, sure to entice that special someone into a flavorful experience!

  • 1 70g Jar of Spice Science Coffee & Cacao Rub
  • 12 Specialty Chocolates made with the Coffee & Cacao Rub
  • 1 Red Gift Box

Product for testing Zapier and woocommerce


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